Ultimaker 2 Nozzle 1mm

Ultimaker 2 Nozzle – ‘JET’ RSB 1mm

 12,10 incl. tax

Ultimaker 2 Nozzle – ‘JET’ RSB 0.60mm

 8,47 incl. tax
Buse Ultimaker 2 de 0.60mm, filet M6

Ultimaker 2 Nozzle – ‘JET’ RSB 0.80mm

 8,47 incl. tax

If you print in wood filaments, this brass nozzle of 0.8mm is perfect for the job! No more clogged nozzles with it! You can also use it to print much faster with layer heights up to 0.4mm

This nozzle is compatible with M6 Threads, you can put it on the Ultimaker Original (the fan shroud must be modified) or any of the Ultimaker family that has the Olsson Block mounted.

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Ultimaker 2 Nozzle – ‘JET’ RSB 0.80mm

The brass Jet nozzles have a special tip angle and shoulder width, they also have a special internal geometry with an angle less steep down to the nozzle hole. A special treatment applied inside also makes them slip more. You can print 3°c to 5°c lower because of this treatment, this is also usefull for oozing and drips.

With these special nozzles you can print faster, the plastic will flow much more easier than in classic nozzles. You can also clean them very efficiently with cold pulls (or atomic pulls). The geometry of the inside makes it easier to get rid of plastic so changing colors or filament type is done faster and safer.

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