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BASF Ultrafuse PET

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Basf Ultrafuse PET filaments

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BASF Ultrafuse PET filaments at IdeaTo3D

The PET filament was developed by the research department of BASF Ultrafuse. This filament can be processed in a high temperature range and at variable printing speeds. PET is food-safe and does not cause any unpleasant odor during the printing process. It is also not necessary to use a heated printing bed, as EPR InnoPET adheres well to a printing platform covered with blue tape. This excellent material is available as a transparent, neutral filament and in semi-transparent colors on 750 g rolls.

PET (polyethylene terephthalate) is mainly known from the production of beverage bottles and its properties will significantly advance the 3D printing industry. Currently, PLA and ABS are the most commonly used monofilaments for 3D printing. PLA is a popular material because it is easy to process, but it has limitations in terms of stability. With ABS, very stable parts can be printed, but processing is not unproblematic due to the shrinkage process during the cooling phase. The vapours produced by ABS printing during the printing phase are harmful. PET is therefore more than just an alternative: it is easy to process and does not produce unhealthy vapours during printing. It is also suitable for detailed prints and is recyclable. The printed models are also highly stable. The BASF Ultrafuse EPR InnoPET can be used with almost any 3D printer. In addition to the transparent, neutral filament, we offer a variety of semi-transparent colors.

Note:The current filaments of BASF Ultrafuse were sold under the brand name Innofil3D until the end of 2019. The Dutch manufacturer was previously acquired by the German chemical company BASF. As part of the acquisition, the filaments were renamed and the packaging changed. The printing material itself is still the same high-quality filament as before. The name has also been changed from EPR InnoPET to Ultrafuse PET.

Technical Data

Material PET

Manufacturer Innofil3D

Weight of the Filament 750 g

Special Features Watertight

Printing Temperature 210-230°C

Heat Bed 100°C

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